“…anytime from September to mid-April, have a front row seat to the incredible Aurora dancing right over your head with no city light pollution…!” 

Credit: 360 footprints
 In September, a guest filmed this beautiful aurora time lapse video with his Go-Pro from his suite deck overlooking the owner-occupied main houseboat.

LIVING ON AN ANCHORED HOUSEBOAT (not moored to a dock) is one of the most unique living arrangements in the world, summer or winter. We are off-grid, providing energy mostly through solar power (a generator is used in darker months) and leave a much smaller footprint on the planet through many aspects of our ECO-conscious lifestyle.


        We provide you with a canoe to get back and forth to land after your initial powerboat pick up from the Government Dock.
Canoe around and check out the other 40 houseboats in Houseboat Bay, have a picnic on an island and experience the midnight sun during our long – and often hot – summer days. Sit on the deck outside relaxing with a drink in hand, or go on a fishing tour and easily catch some of the biggest fish you will ever see! Park your canoe and hike along one of the many trails, photograph wildlife, or pull up to the dock at a bayside restaurant before you continue your paddle. The city of Yellowknife itself – only 300 yards from our deck – is a vibrant community that will not do without its arts and music, and you’ll have plenty of diverse restaurants to choose from!

North view of Mo’s Houseboat B&B. Gorgeous and endless summer days one after the other on the lake!

Drive directly onto the ice or get a taxi to bring you to our door!
Take a break from checking out the Northern Lights and book local tours for snowmobiling, and dog sledding. Take a ride in a bombardier to go ice fishing. Book walking/snowshoeing tours to learn the history of the area. As Mo’s Houseboat B&B is already on the ice, most tour operators will come and pick you up at our door in winter. Rent skis or snowshoes and step right outside to start your adventure! Enjoy all the activity on the 1 – 2 meter thick ice: Kite-skiers, private dog sledders, skiers, dog-walkers, snowmobilers and people simply walking around enjoying the fresh winter air.

Stay warm during the colder months and contact winter clothing rental outlets to reserve your parka. Please go to our FAQ tab for more information.

Canadian Championship Dog Derby immediately at your door at Mo’s. The Snow Castle and the Long John Jamboree are big events so book early!

Start your adventure right from your door to go ice fishing!

“…It’s all around you when you stay at Mo’s Houseboat B&B!”