Live your life with a smaller footprint when you visit Mo’s Houseboat B&B!

Living off-grid on the water is a very gratifying and fun experience!  Many of the things we take for granted living on land have to be more carefully thought out when relying on solar/generator powered battery banks for all our needs. Using a Microwave for example, takes an eye opening amount of power and is not used on the houseboat.

How do I get to Mo’s Houseboat B&B?

Give us a call when you land and we’ll be sure to be home when you arrive in your taxi in the winter. In the summer, once you are at the Yellowknife Warf located in Old Town, we will come and pick you up with our power boat. To make arrangements for pick up, please call us at least 1/2 an hour beforehand. After we bring you on board, you are provided with a canoe to get back and forth to land from the houseboat. During inclement weather we can ferry you back to land with our power boat. We provide a life jacket which we insist our guests wear at all times while in a boat of any kind.


Taxis will come to the houseboat on the ice. Instruct the taxi driver to go to the boat launch across from a store called “Just Furs”. In winter this boat launch is converted into a local ice road that leads directly onto the ice.  Drive straight ahead onto this plowed ice road.  Immediately upon coming onto the ice, your vehicle lights will hit a shiny reflector on the first traffic cone. Take this ice road, which is lined with traffic cones, and in about 20 seconds, you will arrive at Mo’s Houseboat B&B.

How much power can I use?

Appliances that generate instant heat draw too much energy from our battery banks, therefore, we require that you do not use hair dryers, curling irons, flat irons and clothes irons, please. Your computer will only take an hour or two to charge, yet your phone and camera batteries draw only a small charge and can be plugged in for any length of time.

How is grey and black water treated at Mo’s?

Being on the clear, pristine waters of Great Slave Lake has special energy and eco conscious considerations to be respected while visiting our self-sustaining, off-grid floating home, anchored away from land. Our grey water (kitchen and shower wastewater) is filtered through sand before it returns to the lake. We provide bio-degradable products for bathing to keep our lake clean. Of course, black water (toilet water) does not enter the lake at all, and is contained by our specialized toilets.

Can I drink the water from the taps at Mo’s?

Yes! Our water is pristine, pure and drinkable straight from the lake!  We filter out the sediments, yet do not add chlorine or fluorine to our water tanks.  The nearby water is tested annually for contaminants. Feel free to bring your own water if you do not wish to drink the water from our taps.

Can I smoke on the houseboat or outside on the deck?

Luggage and clothing can carry smoke odours that are irritating to many of our guests, and because we have wooden decks outside, we are strict about no smoking anywhere on our floating homes, inside or outside, during your stay with us.

Do you have reliable internet on your houseboat?

You have one gig per day of internet usage per room. We require that you please do not play video games, download movies, music or upload your large files such as videos and photos to websites to remain within this one gig limit.

Is there housekeeping?

We provide a clean room, towels upon your arrival. If desired, please request day to day room cleaning services. There is a local laundromat for laundry services.

Can I bring my pet?

We have a cat onboard the main house where the one of our rooms is currently located. She will not enter your private room and can be housed nightly if necessary. We please ask that you leave your pets at home or have them boarded at one of the local kennels. The stand alone rooms located on the other houseboat are pet-free zones.

Can I bring my kids? Is Mo’s wheelchair accessible?

Our floating homes have no railings around the main decks, therefore, due to water dangers during the summer months, the minimum age for children staying at our B&B is 13 years old. You will be required to sign a special waiver when bringing a child onboard our B&B.  I’m sorry but we are not wheelchair accessible in summer or winter.

Do you have winter clothing I can use while I’m at Mo’s?

I’m sorry, we do not provide winter clothing. Please check seasonal temperatures for the time of year you are visiting and contact outfitters in Yellowknife for winter clothing rental.  My Backyard clothing can be booked online, as well as through North Star Adventure Tours.