Due to Covid-19, UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, Mo’s is closed until a vaccine is distributed worldwide.

“…Great breakfast, reliable internet, heating and water systems make staying at Mo’s Houseboat B&B a relaxing, peaceful and memorable experience…”


 Built in 2017, this floating home contains two open-concept suites with separate entrances on opposite sides of the houseboat for your privacy. The mirror-imaged suites boast airy vaulted ceilings with a thoroughly sound-proofed common wall. Each suite has its own private kitchen and bath with a queen bed and fold-down sleeper couch. Kitchens are complete with a large stovetop, fridge and kitchen essentials. A BBQ is on site for each suite. Make breakfast at your leisure with fresh, abundant ingredients brought to you at check-in.

SunRise Suite (East Facing)

SunSet Suite (West Facing)

April and May are great times to visit too!

As long as the night-time is dark (we are within the region of the midnight sun) the northern lights are possible to see on clear nights. If you would like to experience a snowy northern visit during not-so-cold weather, come in April! By mid-April, getting onto the ice with your vehicle is no longer possible, but walking the 200 meter distance back to land is perfectly safe on the still very thick ice. This way, you can extend the possibilities of your stay until at least the first week of May.  


For reservations between June 7 – Oct 20, it is critical that you are an experienced canoeist to stay at Mo’s. This description does not include a few canoe lessons in a pool as the Great Slave lake is not the place to “practice” or “try”. This cold, large arctic lake gets windy especially in September and October, therefore you must be able to control your canoe with complete confidence and know-how.

There is NO WATER TAXI in Yellowknife bay. Mo’s will only ferry you over with the power boat for check-in, check-out and during inclement weather such as strong wind or heavy rain.

If you plan to remain on the houseboat for the duration of your stay due to your inability to paddle a canoe, have all your groceries and supplies with you at the dock on land before pick up with the power boat at check-in. The grocery stores close at 8pm. If your arrival time in Yellowknife is later than 8pm, your stay at Mo’s should start the next day instead, with all your supplies for the time you will be with us.

If you are staying with us between June 7 – Oct 20, it is required that you find accommodations on land the night before, to catch a 6AM return flight. Mo’s only begins power-boating guests back to shore for check-out starting at 7am so as not to disturb the other guests and residents of Houseboat Bay at very early hours.

During the winter, walking to the shore on the ice or getting a taxi to drive onto the ice to catch a flight at any hour, is no problem.


You’ll receive a response within 24 hours.

Staying on board this houseboat requires your acknowledgment of Mo’s Houseboat B&B using only off-grid systems.  Please read the very important ‘House Rules and FAQ’ section before sending inquiries, thank you.

NO KIDS under 15 due to lack of railings around the deck, posing water dangers. NO PETS due to allergies.

You must be 21 years of age or older to make a reservation. 

Overseas: Please email inquiries at:


Domestic: In addition to the booking calendar and email, please feel free to call:


Minimum stay:  Two nights

Check in: 2pm

Check out: 11am

Payment Policy – To hold your reservation, we require your first night to be paid through PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account to make this payment). Please settle accounts upon checking in, thank you. All prices include tax.

Cancellation Policy:  You will receive a full refund minus a $100 cancellation fee within 8-10 weeks of your booking date. Within 2 months, there is no refund of your deposit/payments upon cancellation. This strict cancellation policy is due to location isolation as there are never any “drop in” reservations: Clients fly in and book months in advance to coincide with their flight plans, hence no one comes to Yellowknife without already having booked a room somewhere.
A deposit of 25% is required for 2 week reservations or more, non-refundable within 6 weeks of your check-in date. It is dangerous to canoe the Great Slave lake with very amateur to no canoeing skills as the water is very cold or you could get blown across the Bay. During open-water season, if you arrive not having been honest about your canoeing skills, and you do not wish to remain on board for the duration of your stay, regretfully, your deposit/payments will not be refunded.

When NOT to book: During break up of the ice (end of May to first week of June), and fall freeze up (last week of October-first week of November), Mo’s Houseboat B&B is closed due to unsafe ice conditions.